Heels’ hike on a Sunday. Visit Rocca Sillana


I have the incredible capacity to always choose the wrong shoes to visit places. I think it’s my precise talent. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, I will always wear the wrong shoes. That Sunday wasn’t an exception: a heels hike to Rocca Sillana.
Last February was a lazy Sunday, but was a quite sunny day. My partner and I decided to go for a pint in a brewpub that Andrew had discovered two months earlier. This brewery is particular because it produces beer using the geothermal steam emitted by the soil. Since it was a sunny Sunday, I opted for a not-so-comfy outfit: a dress and high heels. well, we planned to go to a brewpub, not hike a geothermal park or climb a rock to visit a Fort.
therefore, we took the route from Colle di Val d’Elsa to Casole and continued to Lardarello. At the fork, we took to Sasso Pisano where the brewery is. Andrew was driving and I was looking at the panorama from the car window when a fort on a high hill captured my attention. I opened Google Maps and check the fortress out and that’s how I discovered Rocca Sillana. I’m curious as a cat and I had to go and visit the Fort! I mean, I love history and when I find a new site to visit, I just can’t resist.

Rocca Sillana

Rocca SillanaWe set the destination on our navigator and in about 40 minutes we arrived on the slopes of the fort. There is a car park (I think it is free or at least it was when we went there) where we left the car before taking the dirt road to the fort.
So imagine this: heels, rocks all over the footpath as well as potholes along the way. Nevertheless, I made it to the top in about 15 minutes – trust me, a woman is harmless only when her nail polish is fresh.Rocca Sillana wall
It wasn’t a Sunday easy heels hike, but the view from the top pays off well. Once you arrive at the top the view extends to the sea, if you are lucky enough to visit the fort on a bright day. Moreover, it became clear why they built that Fortress in ancient times: to control the entire Val di Cecina.
Along the way, we saw the ruins of an enclosure wall which, according to the site signals was built in the 1400 ca.
According to the documents, the tower was built in 1067 ca, and the other part around 1200 ca. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit the Fort’s inside due to its closure. In fact, the Fort opens from April to September, but it is always best to check the website for the opening time or send an e-mail to the Ufficio Turistico.
We spent some time taking photos before going back to the car park and driving up to the brewpub Vapori di Birra in Sasso Pisano.

Vapori di Birra Brewpub

Vapori di Birra BrewpubIt is a lovely place especially in spring and summer when is a bit warmer and it is possible to take a sit in the garden and chill with a cold pint. However, it is possible to dine inside as we did that day in February. If you are a brewery fan, you could see a part of it. On the right side of the entrance, there is a room with silos used to ferment beers. On the brewpub’s wall, there are two boards, one showing the story of how the beer is made and another with all the beers sold.
Ipagea IPAAs a fan of IPA, I chose the Ipagea a white IPA perfect with a typical “affettati” board whilst Andrew chose Magma, an American Amber Ale. We enjoyed our beer and affettati while resting from the first Sunday heels’ hike. True to be told, after the pleasant rest at the brewpub we hiked a part of Bincane Park. Near the brewpub, there is an entrance to the Park. However, the main entrance is in Monterotondo Marittimo where it is possible to rent an audio guide at the Mumbia Museum.
We hiked The Biancane Park for about an hour enjoying the steam coming from the soil and the typical panorama. Let me advise you to bring proper shoes. It is not an easy hike. On the path, there are steep climbs and descents full of rocks but it is a magnificent tour. A year later I went back to visit Biancane Park by myself. It was a cathartic experience, which I will tell in another article.

Fun fact

According to the legend, the name of the Fort comes from the Roman General Silla who built it during the civil war between Mario & Silla.

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