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Dolia from Domus dei Dolii

Vetulonia, an Etruscan gem outside the Tourist route

Need a day-off from the crowded beaches in Maremma? Discover Vetulonia, an ancient Etruscan city nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Explore its iconic tombs, the city ruins and its colossal walls....
Turquoise sea Montecristo

Hiking Trails on Montecristo Island: Explore the Untamed Tuscan Gem

Dramatic cliff, mystery and history come together in the spectacular island of Montecritso. A hidden gem of the Tuscan Archipelago, it is a protected paradise and a heaven for nature lovers and historical...
Pienza Landscape

Penza: Pope Pius II legacy and the allure of Tuscany

Nestled in Tuscany's hills, Pienza's transformation from the forgotten village of Corsignano to a UNESCO World Heritage site is rooted in the birth of Pope Pius II in 1405. Today, its harmonious blend...
Lanzi-Temperino Tunnel

A Day at the Mine: exploring the San Silvestro Mine Park

If you are looking for a fun and different activity, I recommend a visit to the archaeological mining park of San Silvestro in Tuscany. Mines, castle, train, museum and trail will take you to discover...
Sant'Antimo Abbey

Sant’Antimo Abbey: Timeless Tranquillity Oasis

Explore the medieval Sant'Antimo Abbey in Tuscany with its stunning Romanesque design, frescoes, pillars, and arches, alongside intricate mosaics. Discover Italy's rich spiritual heritage and experience...
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