Hi! I’m Silvia, an Italian native speaker who tries to improve her English writing skills with this blog.

Why? Because a mantra says: “Practise makes you perfect”.

I am not a fan of showing myself to the world and trust me when I say it was a hard decision opening this blog as well as writing each one of the articles (this presentation makes me sweat the hell out of me!)

Writing has always been my passion. Since I was a kid in primary school, I loved writing stories about whatever came into my mind. I cultivated this passion in secondary school testing myself with different type of writing (poetry, short novel, playing). Nevertheless, it was during high school where I abandoned this passion and stopped to write. I won’t bother you with the reason, but it was (and sometimes still is) way to complicate write anything at all. Even now, almost 20 years later I still get scared in front of a blank page. And yes, another reason why I opened this blog is to win this kind of fear of blank pages.

Every Project Has To Have A Name

To be honest the ideas behind this blog aren’t mine. Yep! I won’t take credit for something isn’t mine, never.

The idea to open this blog came from my partner, Andrew. I don’t recall where we were if in Greece or in some beach in Tuscany or maybe in England (he passes me this idea more than once, to be fair), but what I do recall is that I was complaining about my shoes. Probably I was wearing high heels during one of our trip and as often happen, I found myself climbing some sort of rock or going down some cliff. That was it, Andrew told me to open a blog about discovering the world with the wrong shoes.

This is how HeelsonRoad started, with me complaining about my shoes and Andrew inviting me to write about it. However, the name didn’t come out from me either. It was one of my dearest friends, F, who came up with the name.

I was texting with my friends some logo ideas as well as some names ideas – you’ll see, I’m pretty bad at titles – and F came up with this name. The reason? Well, it sounds quite rock’n’roll and she thought was a perfect match with my personality.

Now you have some more information about me:

  • I love writing
  • I adore high heels, as well as flip-flops
  • I mastered the ability to choose always the wrong shoes to go out, no matter if on a holiday, on a day-trip or out for groceries.

HeelsOnRoad In University

Before questioning my life, which happened in 2018 (to be precise I still questioning it), I went to University in Florence. I graduated in law with the dream of becoming a Prosecutor or a Judge.

Unfortunately, Uni wasn’t funny as I hoped and the reason was… well, me. At the time, I was way too focused on becoming a Prosecutor. I was studying all day long, not enjoying my youth and not taking pause, not even when I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 26. I still remember what I said to the doctors straight after the diagnose: “I don’t have the time to have cancer now. Just remove it and let me get going with my life as I planned.”

Now I do realize the doctor’s reaction, they were astonished by my words and they thought I was in denial. I was not in denial. I was well aware of what was going on with me and my body, but simply I hadn’t time to think about it neither the luxury. I had (or I thought I had) to carry on with my life and so I did.

I beat the cancer while I was studying for a master’s degree in law as well as doing a traineeship at a law firm. For years I studied so hard to pass the exam to become a Prosecutor until I couldn’t go further. I did not have the strength to continuing to study law. I wanted something different for myself or, most probably, all the things I buried during the years and piled them up simply started to overflow.

London (calling)

In January 2018 I moved to the United Kingdom.

I found a job in a pub in South Kensington and started a completely and branded new life.

It was simpler. It was funnier.

For the first time in my life, I felt alive. It was just me in a big and chaotic city, in a Country where I didn’t speak the language (I was really bad in English during my school years), alone.

I wasn’t scared. I was excited!

I live there for almost 3 years, worked in the pub and met some beautiful people. I learned a lot and made tons of mistakes, but eventually I reached out to myself.

I could be simply me, without expectations, without pressures. It had been a blissful time and I’m so glad for it.

But then the pandemic hit…

Coming Back To Italy

During the first wave of the pandemic, I was in London with my partner. We were living in South Kensington pretty close to Hide Park. The apartment was nice and comfy, close to the city centre and the shops. Lockdown in London was not so bad, not like in Italy anyway. We could go out for jogging and groceries, and even if we had to stay at home, I used that time to reflect on myself. I decided to go back to Italy and have some closure especially about my law studies.

We went back to Italy at the end of 2020 and in 2022 I got my closure. Eventually, I made peace with the fact I don’t like the law (I never liked it), I took a second master’s degree in Publishing, Journalism and Cultural Management and discover that it is ok not to know what to do in the future.


I do have some plans, but I don’t want to be stressed out. I just want to leave my life in the present.

And at the moment I am working in a friend’s pub (I do enjoy getting in touch with people), reading a lot of books and manga and making some plans for the future.

I’m trilled about what will happen!

Thank you to have read to this point, now you know a bit more about me and the WHY behind this blog.

  • Improving my English writing skills
  • Overcoming my shyness and fear of judgment
  • Overcoming the dread of blank pages

Thank you again, I’ll do my best to deliver great content and up to date articles.

Please be kind with your words, it is a tough world we should try to be kind to each other.

Wish you all the best.


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