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In this article, I want to take you to discover one of my favorite routes to drive with a motorbike: Passo della Futa (SS65) a scenic route for bikers.

Passo della Futa on via Bolognese is a scenic and historical route where it is possible to admire breathtaking landscapes and ancient villas.

My partner and I decided to go to Bologna via Bolognese to meet one of my dearest friends who lives in Bologna, F.

From where I live at the moment, it takes more or less one hour and a half to reach Bologna via the motorway. However, when I am not in a rush, like on a weekend, Andrew and I prefer to take the scenic route.
It is a popular route among bikers due to its tight curves, which give some unique emotions.

From Colle Val d’Elsa, the city where I’m living now, it takes about 3 hours and a half but the landscapes are unique.

From Colle, we took the motorway junction Siena-Firenze and then we continued to Florence till Piazza della Libertà where the via Bolognese starts. On the road there are many gorgeous villas, some of them quite famous. At the number 67 of Via Bolognese, there is Villa Triste, a well-known place of torture by the Nazi-fascists. In addition to the historic villas, there are several viewpoints where to admire the stunning city of Florence.

Passo della Futa

Passo della Futa

Passo della Futa is the first pass that we find along the way. It’s a natural pass well-known since the medieval era due to the fact it was connecting the city of Florence and Bologna. During the II World War was a strategic point for the Linea Gotica and there was numerous German fortress on the surroundings pikes.
Nowadays it is possible to visit the German Cemetery in the city of Firenzuola.

 At Passo della Futa it is possible to rest and refuel before continuing to Bologna.

to be honest, Andrew and I prefer to continue along the way and take a well-deserved refreshment at Passo della Raticosa.


Passo della Raticosa

Once you arrive at Passo della Raticosa there is the Chalet Raticosa, a meeting place for bikers. Every day from Passo della Raticosa is passing tons of bikers. Some of them are sitting at the chalet, drinking and eating; some others are just sitting on the side road admiring the bikes passing through.

We like there. Usually in the summertime, the temperature is more pleasant, due to the fact is 968 meters above sea level.

Once rested, we took our Yamaha FZ6 and continued to Bologna. As the road from Florence, there are many curves, some of them easy some others more difficult. However, if you like speed there is a motorbike circuit nearby Circuito del Mugello well-known for the international race.

Fun fact

At Passo della Futa there is a fork, SP116 which passes to Cornacchia. From Cornacchia you can reach Passo dell’Osteria Bruciata, onto the ancient route to Florence. Rumor has it back in time when the Passo della Futa didn’t exist, an innkeeper who didn’t have food for the pilgrims, used to kill some pilgrims to feed the others.


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