A fairy bay on Piombino Coast: Buca delle Fate

Buca delle Fate

In this article, I’m planning to take you to discover a fairy bay on Piombino Coast: Buca delle Fate.
I already wrote about a spot on Costa degli Etruschi in my latest article: the Monastery of San Quirico & Cove.
After all, Tuscany has lots to offer and since I’m lucky enough to can use Andrew’s auntie’s house in Follonica, I took advantage of it =)
In my last post about San Quirico Monastery, I forgot to mention that it took me three times before finding the right path and discovering the Monastery’s ruins! Yep, it was an adventure and I felt a bit dumb not being able to reach that place earlier.
Anyway, the first time I heard about the Monastery was also the first time I went on a walk on Piombino Cape.
I came across an article about “Buca delle Fate”, this lovely cove which legend has it is the home of Fairies.
As I said, for a gal who spent years in Follonica not knowing about this place is unbelievable. So Andrew and I decided to take our FZ6 and drive to the Reciso car park. It takes about 20 minutes from Follonica and it is a quite busy car park. It is best if you reach the car park early in the morning. You might find a spot, plus it is not so hot yet so it’s easier to reach the bay as well as take a walk into the beautiful nature.

The Underground Etruscan Tombs         Underground Etruscan Tumb

From the Reciso car park, we crossed the fence and took the path on our right – path n. 301.
It is a 30 minutes walk in nature, lovely when the air is still fresh and not too humid. After a while, we arrived at a forest of holm oaks. Although the shadow of holm oaks invited us to rest, it was something else that caught our attention. Embedded in nature there are underground Etruscan Tombs dating back to the Hellenistic age. Unfortunately, the tombs are not accessible to the inside due to the accumulation of debris over time.
The presence of Etruscan Tombs is due to the nearby city of Populonia, famous for its Etruscan archeological sites.
We went down the path n. 301 till we arrived at the cliff overlooking a deep blue sea. From the cliff, the view reaches the islands of Elba, Corsica, and Capraia.
Buca delle Fate is just on the left side of the cliff. Whereas if you continue on the left path (n. 302), you’ll arrive at San Quirico Bay.
After securing a spot on a lower cliff – it is not always that easy due to the fact the place is busy with tourists – we bathed and got some well-deserved relaxation.
Therefore, the first time I went to Buca delle Fate I was wearing not-so-fine shoes. Not heels, even if I named my blog after that, but flip-flops. Let me tell you, it is an adventure! I made it to the end and back without scratching my knees or falling badly on the dirt road but it is better to bring proper shoes such as sneakers or anything comfy to walk as well as sea shoes.

Fun fact

Buca delle Fate sea
There are many legends about Buca delle Fate.
My favorite is this one.
Once upon a time, this beautiful spot on Costa degli Etruschi was home to fairies, spirits, and mermaids. As in all the legends, sirens used to charm wayfarers and sailors to lead them to their hidden worlds from which they never returned. One day a young man happened to be passing through those places unaware of the rumors about that place. He wanted to reach his beautiful beloved and in order to get to the appointment earlier, he decided to pass to the woods heading along the coast.  He arrived on a beautiful terrace of rocks and decided to go down to the small bay to rest and to pick a beautiful sea flower to take to his girlfriend. Suddenly, while the young man was resting, he was kidnapped and taken to the fairy world. His beloved waited for him for a long time, but one day she decided to go and search for him. As she remembered the fairy tails about the place nearby, she decided to go to the terrace of rocks overlooking the sea. Every day she went there, crying and screaming the name of her beloved. One day a dolphin passing near the coast heard the cry of the young lady and decided to help her. He picked up a tear and transformed it into a pearl. Then, he took the pearl to the mermaids and trade it for the young man’s life. The mermaids accepted the trade and decided to release the young men who could finely be reunited with his beloved.


Buca delle Fate cliff

Underground Etruscan Tumb

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