Borgo La Scola

Bologna is a beautiful historical city, however today I’ll take you to discover 3 places to not be missed near Bologna.

I lived in Bologna for a while during my first master’s degree, but I never took the time to visit the beautiful places in the Bolognese Apennines.

I wrote about a scenic route for bikers on the Bolognese Apennine here, and in this article, I want to show you 3 places for a day-trip from Bologna.

The Sunday that Andrew and I took this trip my dearest friend F. was playing her first gig in Bologna and we decided to take the day to visit some places nearby.

First Stop: Borgo La Scola

Scola Cypress
Scola arch

The first stop was this well-preserved medieval village in the Bolognese Apennine: Borgo La Scola.
The time has stopped there.
It is quite, well preserved and at the moment not so touristic.
It is placed in Grizzana Morandi, Vimigliano very close to Rocchetta Mattei, a fairy-tale castle.
The first buildings were built around 1200 but the majority of them are dated back to 1400-1500s, glorious example of Medieval architecture. The village was built as a military headquarters; in fact, the name Scola comes from the Roman Sculca that indicates a lookout post on a high place.
It is lovely just to walk around this spectacular medieval village and dive into the time.

What to see:

  • The arch at the entrance of the village. The arch is the village’s entrance door.
  • San Pietro Oratory: back in time was the heart of the village.
  • Monumental Cypress: it has more than 700 years and it is 25 m. tall.

Second Stop: Monteveglio Abbey

Monteveglio Abbey
Cloister partialy destroyed

The second stop was Monteveglio Abbey.

The abbey was built at the behest of the Countess Matilde di Canossa. Matilde decided to build the abbey after the defeat of Henry IV who tried to conquer Rome and revoke the excommunication imposed by Pope Gregory VII.

It is possible to visit the Abbey only at specific times during the years and only with a reservation; check the website before the visit.

What to visit inside the abbey:

  • The church, with the three naves;
  • The stoup in the right aisle dates back to the Longobard era;
  • The Crypt with three different altars; in the centre there is a tombstone of the Romanesque era;
  • Two cloisters one from the 1400’s and the other, smaller, partly destroyed.

Last stop: San Luca Sanctuary

San Luca Sanctuary
San Luca
Evocative pathway

The last stop before my friend’s gig was a popup at San Luca Sanctuary. This Sanctuary is a mammoth monument which rises on top of Mount Guardia.

You can reach the Sanctuary by car or moto as we did, taking the shuttle bus, or on foot following the evocative path with stairs. If you decide to go for a walk, you could start from Porta Saragozza. The path is about 4 km. and it is the longest portico in Europe.

Scales abbey
La Scola
Longobard Stoup

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